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About Schiedel Ceramic Liners

In order to meet the new European Standards for Chimney products, specific leakage and performance criteria have to be met, which are much more stringent than in the past.

Schiedel have invested in the latest production technology and are proud to introduce a new range of high performance rebated ceramic flue liners, which are fully CE tested and approved and are fully compatible with the increasingly efficient modern appliances, as well as meeting the more traditional soot fire requirements.

This new generation of rebated ceramic chimney liners is available from TTFC Essex in the 180mm diameter range.

Joint Detail

Liners are installed with the male spigot pointing downwards. Sealant should be applied to the inside of the female socket and any excess projecting into the flue should be wiped off as installation progresses.

Please refer to the Ceramic Liners brochure for further build details.

Build details for Ceramic Liners

  Item CodeDescriptionInt. Dia. (mm)Ext. Dia. (mm)ABCExt. Height (mm)Weight (kg)Price
100375330mm ceramic liner180210330   6.3£15.48
13162345° Bend180210207207  6.3£32.65
13162630° Bend180210192192  6.3£32.65
12133537.5° Bend180210164164  6.3£32.65
100429Inspection Pipe with Inner Soot Door180210660165295 15£52.23
100475Outer Soot Door180210400250   £83.27
10042190° Tee Liner180210660331190 15£53.58
100425135° Tee Liner180210660481326 18£67.82
126361Steel collars (for cut joints)180      £4.95
132668Adaptor from Steel to Ceramic T-Liner180210175    £54.30
126499Adaptor from Steel to Support Block180235175    £54.30
126493Increasing Adapter from Steel to Support Block (with rope)180235150    £65.75
126483Support Blocks175350    8£35.65
100020Rapid High Temperature Joint Sealant     310 £10.08
128549Support Plate180360     £43.80
130769Light Expanded Clay Aggregate Backfill Insulation (50 litre)      19£16.15
146431Support Lintel (140mm x 140mm x 1500mm)      71£88.20
102685Base Stone with Drain180 17070   £25.20
130742Top Guard (Buff)150-250 300    £72.05
130737Top Guard (Terracotta)150-250 300    £72.05
130697Chimney Pot (Buff)200 450    £50.20
127341Chimney Pot (Terracotta)200 450    £50.20
130696Chimney Notice Plate       £5.70

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